Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning in Melbourne

One thing that most people would agree on is that window cleaning in Melbourne is not an easy task, especially cleaning windows that cannot be reached without climbing a ladder – but one we excel in. We have all the necessary equipment to keep your windows spotless and provide speciality services in high rise window cleaning.

One of the latest devices we like using to clean windows is the waterfed pole. It is ideal for windows that are too high for most ladders, but not high enough to abseil down to.

The pole itself is very long so can reach these kinds of windows easily. However, it is the technology that is the best part. The poles use purified water that has had all the dissolved solids removed from it. This makes it react differently to ordinary tap water. It not only clings to the dirt on your windows and lifts it off, but it dries clear without leaving spots or streaks. For this reason, we don’t need to wipe the windows dry, saving time for us and costs for you.

Our window cleaners in Melbourne can also be seen abseiling down a high rise building cleaning windows as they go. Since they love abseiling, this means they get to have some fun as well as cleaning those windows. So if your windows are turning the view grey and spotty, call us and we will send out a team immediately.

Window Cleaning