Our Cleaning Services

It is necessary to have clean surrounding for best living, working and growth for everyone in commercial establishments and there we stand for quality cleaning services in Melbourne:

We provide comprehensive commercial cleaning in Melbourne such as vacuuming, dusting, kitchen and toilet detail cleaning, blinds cleaning, wiping of bench top and other stuff, moping of floor with environment friendly chemical. We are first rate professional cleaning provider in Melbourne and use all high quality chemicals, which are safe to use. We also do window cleaning, steam carpet cleaning, Floor polishing and high-pressure washing.


Professional Window Cleaning :

Window cleaning is totally different from normal general cleaning. It requires lot of skills and hard work. Our staff has the ability to make any glass crystal clear. Our cleaners do all kind of glass such as partition glass, shell glass, balcony glass, and tinted glass. To clean windows we have professional equipment, which we use with special technique. Nationwide uses water fed poles as well, which we use to remove dirt and cobweb around the glass and also to clean the high glass. This new technique cleans the glasses without leaving any watermarks.

High Rise Window Cleaning :

When it comes to high-rise window cleaning, Nationwide provides an expertise service to the client. Our employees are fully trained to use all kind of EWP and to do abseiling work with OH&S (Occupational health and safety). We remove all cobweb and dirt around the glass while cleaning them to make whole building looks like new.

Window Cleaning Service

Regular and one off cleaning :

Nationwide provides one off cleaning and regular cleaning services depends on the needs of the client. Our aim is to provide100% of our efforts to make customer fully assured, which ultimately adds to our client data. We give preference to all the jobs whether it is small or big job.

Vacate Cleaning :

We provide our services to commercial sites in Melbourne, which either move in or move out, end of lease etc. Our staff clean windows, carpet stem clean, toilet n and kitchen clean, mopping the floor, general dusting including high dusting, floor polishing and things which are required to be clean. We clean nearly everything to make the place looks really nice, which makes the client happy.

Vacate Cleaning

Carpet Steam Cleaning:

Nationwide is specialized in all kind of Carpet Cleaning which takes all the dirt and stain marks out of the carpet. All chemicals we use are Eco friendly, which are not harmful for either environment or human. We do deodorizing and sanitizing of carpet as well. Also we do upholstery cleaning, which includes chairs, couches, and sofa etc. Apart from that we clean rugs as well.

Flood damage Cleaning:

Our staff is fully experienced to do flood damage cleaning who can handle any kind of difficult situation. We take all water out of carpet and use special equipment to dry the carpet quickly, which will protect it from further damage. Also we do cleaning as well to make the place good again.

Carpet Cleaners

Floor polishing :

Nationwide does all kind of floor stripping, sealing and hard floor polishing in Melbourne. We have high quality floor polisher, buffer with different pads, which leaves the floor sparkling clean. Vinyl floor loosen their shine over time due to wear. Nationwide can regenerate floor’s look by removing the old sealer, resealing it with a high-quality sealer and finish off with a polish

Pressure Washing :

High Pressure washing is an effective way to clean your property. Nationwide does all kind of pressure washing tiles, entrance, driveway, car park, warehouse and hard concrete floor. Pressure washing can be used to remove oil and grease marks from floor. We also use some chemicals to take really old stain from surface as well.

Floor Polishin

High Dusting:

High dusting can be either wiping of light fittings, vacuuming the top of fittings, removing cobwebs and cleaning hanging structure. Nationwide works according to OH&S to do all high dusting jobs. We have proper ladder and equipment, which can be used for it. Taking care of all staff members, clients and surrounding public, does all high dusting work.

Gutter Cleaning :

Plant residue such as leaves and debris usually block Gutters. This can create a trouble during raining season. To avoid any problem, Gutters should be cleaned regularly. Nationwide provides gutter cleaning services in Melbourne. We clean gutters with proper equipment and pressure wash to remove any blockage and make gutters run smoothly.

High Dusting