High Dusting Melbourne

High Dusting Melbourne

Nationwide Cleaning Provides high dust cleaning in Melbourne and Surroundings Areas as well. We clean all ceiling vents, pipes, light fittings, hangings and much more. High dusting Cleaning requires permit to work on heights. Nationwide Guys have all required licenses and are fully trained to do high cleaning in accordance with OH&S.

Overtime the unfinished ceilings, rafters, pipes and heating ducts all exposed comes a constant build up of dust. After a while this dust needs to be cleaned in order to give that clean look that you want .

You may not have have the time, man power and expertise or equipment to reach these areas, that is why so many companies in Melbourne and surroundings call us for High Dusting

Nationwide Cleaning has specialty tools, ladders, vacuums that work great on removing dust from celling areas like duct, speakers, fans etc. All of this work can be done off hours to not have any inconvenience during hours of operation.

Call Nationwide cleaning for High Dusting today on 1300789339

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