Glass Scratches Removal

Glass Scratches Removal Melbourne

Glass scratches and damage and in the new construction process can be caused by the following

  • Abrasive products used to remove stains from glass
  • Scrapers used in the construction clean up window cleaning process
  • Exposure to harch chemicals such as Hydrofluoric and Hydrochloric acids
  • Manufacture defects
  • Glazing installation and or trasport
  • Improper glass storage
  • Excessive exposure to water and Water errosion
  • Exposure to tap water
  • Exposure to concrete and or slurry
  • Concrete removal process
  • Welding over burn
  • Sanding or sand blasting
  • Abrasives on the bumpers of swing stages

We at Nationwide Cleaning can easily remove window glass scratches, stains, acid burns, corrosion and oxidation. After the restoration process, we apply high performance glass protection treatments that prevent redevelopment of surface damage and help prevent further stain scratching.

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Glass Scratches Removal