Commercial Solar Panels Cleaning

Commercial Solar Panels Cleaning

Cleaning Solar Panels in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

The cost benefit of keeping your panels clean makes a regular cleaning schedule a no-brainer. Increasing the power output and efficiency of your solar system by 20% or more in heavy soil areas, like farms or air traffic paths, can greatly impact your energy bill savings.

If you own or maintain a commercial solar panel array, you will no doubt be interested in reaping the largest financial reward from your array and seeing your return on investment (ROI) as soon as possible. Solar panel cleaning will help you to do just that. Having dirty solar panels can severely dent your ROI timeline. By having clean solar panels, more light hits the solar cells meaning more generation which in turn means greater ROI, sooner.

So Nationwide Commercial Cleaning helps you keep the Solar panels Clean by regular water fed washing.

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Is it worth paying for a solar panel cleaning service?

Just like going to a car wash, there are professional options for cleaning solar panels – Nationwide Commercial Cleaning can help you maintain your solar panels clean.

If you have a rooftop system, it may be a good idea to enlist a cleaning service like Nationwide Commercial Cleaning, if only for safety reasons. Cleaning companies are equipped to safely clean and maintain rooftop units. For ground mount units it may not be worth the service fee when you can safely and effectively clean your own panels with a hose, some dish soap, and a soft rag.

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