Chewing Gum Removal Melbourne

Chewing Gum Removal Melbourne

Removal Of Chewing Gum Melbourne, Guaranteed!

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Commercial Chewing Gum Removal Melbourne

Nationwide Commercial Cleaning can provide expert chewing gum removal in Melbourne and Surrounding Areas with environmentally friendly, state of the art cleaning methods to rid pavements of this visual nightmare, whilst killing 99% of bacteria.

Chewing gum which is not disposed of correctly can quickly build up on surfaces, especially pavements, which can make such areas look unsightly and dirty. Over time chewing gum turns into an unattractive stain and it becomes more and more difficult to remove it. These stains cause business premises to look uncared for which can ultimately have a negative effect on people’s perception of such businesses. It is very important that a proper chewing gum removal process is utilised. Unfortunately the chewing gum removal process can be tricky and conventional cleaning products have little effect.

Nationwide Commercial Cleaning can provide expert and innovative chewing gum removal equipment and solutions to ensure a fast and environmentally friendly way to remove unsightly chewing gum marks from concrete, bricks, tarmac and other affected areas. We use a specialist technique which makes us a leader in industrial chewing gum removal in Melbourne. Nationwide Commercial Cleaning trained specialists heat the chewing gum to 150℃ which then removes the chewing gum from surfaces by using a jet of water at 1,250 pounds per square inch and brush off the stain.